Traitor Who?

Traitor Joe Radio Ads

Greenpeace continues to fish for the truth by sinking our hooks into Trader Joe’s greenwashing. The supermarket is still selling red list seafood and hiding the truth from the public. Listen to these new Greenpeace radio ads that tell Trader Joe to stop selling unsustainable seafood and to show some respect for our oceans.

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Theo Albrecht

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Jon Basalone

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Legitimate Businessman

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Family Man

Hello friends. Traitor Joe here. I'm up to my eyeballs in red list seafood. There is so much in my stores that I bet there is nothing left in the oceans. That's the beauty about red list species. They are doing so badly in the oceans that they need extra help and conservation in order to survive. But will I help save them? Did You Know?Heck no! I need to make a profit and if that means I am helping these dwindling fish stocks to go extinct, oh well. I'll still sleep at night.

After all, you'd never know my seafood was caught in ways that endanger ocean habitats and other marine creatures. Why? I conveniently leave the labels off my seafood. Ha, ha ha. Pretty good trick, right? My customers never know what they are really buying. That way I can pass the guilt on to you, so you can help me turn the oceans into a giant, empty bathtub without ever knowing. How's that for giving my customers what they want?


My one-stop-shop for ocean destruction is drastically changing. Now, I’m doing my part to help save the oceans with my seafood purchasing policies.

After months hearing from activists, shoppers and pirate pals how important it is that I stop destroying the oceans just to turn a profit I finally turned over a new barnacle. I’ve publicly announced that I am going to:

Now that I’ve seen the light, I’m going to sink my hooks into all the other supermarkets to get them to save the oceans too.